Diflexx Duo (dicamba + tembotrione) at 24 oz/a + atrazine was mixed with glyphosate or Liberty. All herbicide-treated corn yielded 111 to 126 bu/a more grain than the untreated controls.


PFI Racing-duon Patrik Skoog och Peter Granstrand plockade hem helgens seger i årets huvudpartners: Rittal Scandinavian ab, Quaker State och Diflex.se​.

DIFLEXX DUO dicamba. DiFlexx tembotrione. Laudis. DILIGENT* chlorimuron. Classic rimsulfuron.

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Prior to adding DiFlexx DUO, ensure that the spray tank, filters and nozzles have been thoroughly cleaned and that agitation system is properly working.1. Fill spray tank with 50% of the required volume of water, and begin agitation.2. DiFlexx is the only safened dicamba corn herbicide that can be used early season. It offers extremely fast and effective control of weeds. DiFlexx DUO has Crop Safety Innovation (CSI™) Safener technology, which enables corn plants to better withstand herbicidal activity and provides better crop safety. DiFlexx is a growth regulator herbicide and Laudis is a pigment inhibitor. Therefore, this herbicide has two modes of action: Group 4 and 27.


DiFlexx DUO provides powerful postemergence control against the full range of tough weeds. Learn more at www.DiFlexxDUO.us Clarity, Laudis, Diflexx Duo, Atrazine, and Glyphosate for Efficacy in Corn Abstract A study was initiated near Garden City, KS, in 2016 comparing the weed control of several herbicide Evaluation of DiFlexx and DiFlexx Duo Herbicide Formulations f or Weed Control .

DIFLEXX DUO dicamba DiFlexx 4 tembotrione Laudis 27 DIMETRIC CHARGED metribuzin Metribuzin 5 flumioxazin Valor 14 ENGENIA PRO* dicamba Engenia 4 pyroxasulfone Zidua 15 ENLIST DUO 2,4-D 2,4-D 4 glyphosate glyphosate 9 ENLITE chlorimuron Classic 2 thifensulfuron Harmony 2 flumioxazin Valor 14 ENVIVE chlorimuron Classic 2 thifensulfuron Harmony 2

Diflexx duo

13.96. $. 24 fl oz. 4,27. Bayer PLUS Rewards. Dimetric Charge.

Et comme  Partman. DiFlex. Över 250 tjänster tillgängliga via Stadsnätsfabrikens standardavtal Duo för dig har en bra webb men vill kunna använda t ex Tjänsteguiden. IT-konsult på Diflex. Ängelholm. Per Berglund Per Berglund-bild Chairman Of The Board på Duo Asfalt AB. Saltsjöbaden.
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Diflexx duo

- is a combination of dicamba plus Crop Safety It Innovation (CSI™).

29 Jan 2016 DiFlexx Duo (Bayer CropScience) Not registered as of February 1, 2016 but registration expected prior to corn planting. Use: Corn.
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Diflexx duo

With one successful season under its belt, Bayer CropScience is planning to expand the footprint next year of DiFlexx DUO, according to Frank Rittemann, 

Diflexx Duo Compared to Capreno, Halex GT, Armezon, Outlook, Status, Degree Xtra, and Bicep II Magnum for Weed Control in Irrigated Corn By R. S. Currie and P. W. Geier Abstract US61380661B (160217Bv2) LABMC DIFLEXX DUO SC 2.5 GAL ETL colors: cmyk 01/22/19 US61380661B 160217 Bv2 01/19 A Herbicide for control of annual broadleaf and grass weeds in field corn, corn grown for silage, popcorn and seed corn and for postharvest burndown weed control. ACTIVE INGREDIENT: DiFlexx Duo + RupPM 0 95.8 100 100 100 100 YES 55.54 224.6* 786.52** SureStart + Atra fb. Durango 0 90 100 100 99 100 YES 60.35 218.9* 760.53** Resi + Atra fb. Resi Se hela listan på cropwatch.unl.edu Rittemann recommends using Corvus ® pre-emergence herbicide and DiFlexx ® DUO postemergence herbicide for season-long control of Palmer amaranth, waterhemp and other resistant weeds like ragweed or marestail.

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30 Jun 2016 DiFlexx® Duo is a combination of HPPD herbicide (Laudis®). + dicamba (Banvel ®) + CSI Safener for excellent grass and broadleaf control with 

15 atrazine. AAtrex. 5. DIFLEXX DUO dicamba. DiFlexx.