2016-dec-13 - Platform Elebenty - LOLcats is the best place to find and submit funny cat memes and other silly cat I hope the train has no further delays.


1980s from the No Platform policy of the UK National Union of Students (NUS), forbidding individuals identified as holding racist or fascist views from standing …

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Win32Windows 1: The operating system is Windows 95 or Windows 98. This value is no longer in use. WinCE 3: The operating system is Windows CE. This value is no longer in use. Xbox 5: The development platform is Xbox 360.

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usually as modifier. A policy or stance whereby individuals holding views regarded as unacceptable or offensive are prevented from contributing to public debates or meetings. ‘there has been an increasingly fierce debate around no-platform policies on university campuses’. No Platform, in the UK, is a form of student boycott where a person or organisation is denied a platform to speak. The British National Union of Students established its No Platform policy as early as 1973.

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