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3 Dec 2018 This is measured in kilograms of CO2 eq (or carbon dioxide equivalent), a standard unit Link - a pair of Levi 501 jeans will use 33.4kgCO2 eq.

Table of SEK for each 100 kg for petrol cars and approximately 572 SEK. CO2- ekv / CO2e 300 kg → 500 ton CO2-ekv Utrustning med mer än 3 kg men mindre än 5 ton CO2-ekv behöver inte längre läcksökas  Från hösten 2016 så är all mat i Kårrestaurangen, Express, L´s Kitchen och L´s Express miljömärkt i form av ett kalkylerat CO2-utsläpp på alla maträtter. Serie | 4, Värmepumpstumlare, 7 kg 7 kg torktumlare med energiklass A+ för en energisnål torkning. The quantity expressed in CO2 equivalent (t) : 0,000. nel och ca 29 kg CO2e/m3 lera som ska stabiliseras. Klimatförbättring motsvarar upp till: 87013 m3 anläggningsbetong; 3350 medelsvenskars  av C Mattsson — byggnadsverk ska enheten kg CO2e användas vid analys av GWP. GWP innefattar inte Småhus, max 2 våningar, exklusive garage: 190 kg CO2e/m2 Atemp.

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The fraction oxidized to CO 2 is 100 percent (IPCC 2006). The average carbon dioxide coefficient of distillate fuel oil is 429.61 kg CO 2 per 42-gallon barrel (EPA 2018). 2021-3-4 · The conversion factor is 0.23314 kg CO2 saved for each kWh produced from a carbon free source. The factor is based on the carbon emissions generated by the … The global warming potential of CO2 is 1.0 (in the appropriate units) and the global warming potential of water vapor (H2O) is: (low end) = 0.1 x GWP of CO2 (high end) = 0.23 X GWP of CO2 Few people express their carbon footprint in kg carbon rather than kg carbon dioxide. You can always convert kg carbon dioxide in kg carbon by multiplying with a factor 0.27 (1’000 kg CO2 equals 270 kg carbon). See my comment to the article about personal responsibility for global warming.

Carbon dioxide equivalent is a measure used to compare the emissions from various greenhouse gases based upon their global warming potential.

The carbon dioxide equivalent for a gas is derived by multiplying the tonnes of the gas by the associated GWP: MMTCDE = (million metric tonnes of a gas) * … 2003-11-18 · Fuel type. Kg of CO2 per unit of consumption. Grid electricity. 43 per kWh.

L'équivalent CO 2 (abréviations : eqCO 2, éq.CO 2, CO 2 e ou CO 2-eq) est, pour un gaz à effet de serre, la quantité de dioxyde de carbone (CO 2) qui provoquerait le même forçage radiatif que ce gaz, c'est-à-dire qui aurait la même capacité à retenir le rayonnement solaire.

Kg co2 equivalent

ICBE> CarbonDatabase> tCO2 in Gaseous Volume and Quantity of Fuel Type: Creates: tonnes of CO2 Volume of CO2: m 3: ft 3: Height in m 3 units 2012-09-04 · For any quantity and type of greenhouse gas, CO 2 e signifies the amount of CO 2 which would have the equivalent global warming impact. A quantity of GHG can be expressed as CO 2 e by multiplying the amount of the GHG by its GWP. E.g. if 1kg of methane is emitted, this can be expressed as 25kg of CO 2 e (1kg CH 4 * 25 = 25kg CO 2 e). A calculator that allows users to translate abstract greenhouse gas amounts into concrete terms that are easy to understand. La CO2 equivalente (CO 2 e) è una misura che esprime l'impatto sul riscaldamento globale di una certa quantità di gas serra rispetto alla stessa quantità di anidride carbonica (CO 2). In particolare, si può parlare di "grammi di CO2 equivalenti", "chilogrammi di CO2 equivalenti", "tonnellate di CO2 equivalenti" e così via, riferendosi rispettivamente a un grammo , un chilogrammo oppure a Refrigerant CO2 equivalent Calculator. The converter below enables you to calculate the CO2 equivalent of any refrigerant, depending on the kind and the weight of the refrigerant.

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Kg co2 equivalent

Of that .5 kg is from diesel emissions, .9 kg is from electricity emissions and 2.6 kg is from the cattle eructations and flatulence methane emissions.

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Kg co2 equivalent

The target says there will be no net emissions of greenhouse gases until 2045. cement FA generates an emission of about 244 tonnes of kg CO2 equivalent.

The answer is here; R-134a (HFC) = 100 Kg. Global Warming Potential of R-134a = 1300 t CO 2 e per ton of R-134a Flugzeugtypen: 3,9 Liter Kerosin /100 Pkm x 2,53 kg CO 2 /Liter x 2,7 (RFI) = 0,27 kg CO 2 (äquivalent) /100 km und Person. */*** Im Blick auf Flüge, erst recht aber im Blick auf Fahrten mit großen Kreuzfahrtschiffen ist das beste Klimaschutz-verhalten der Verzicht auf den Flug bzw.

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1 litre of Biodiesel C 20 H 40 O 2 produce 2.489 kg of CO 2. The unit measure used is carbon dioxide equivalent (CO 2 e) or 100-year global warming potential

View. CO2 absorption of wood Burning 1 kg of wood releases about 2.78 kWh of energy and about 0.69 kg of CO2. On the other hand, when trees grow, they absorb the same amount of CO2 (0.69 kg CO2 per kg wood). Please note that these are approximate figures, which depend on the sort of trees and kind of cultivation. Fuel type.