Hindex: h-index calculation Hindex: h-index calculation In bibliometrix: Comprehensive Science Mapping Analysis. Description Usage Arguments Value See Also Examples. View source: R/Hindex.R. Description. It calculates the authors' h-index and its variants. Usage. 1


Indexes have evolved from measures to targets to a new form of active management. Indexes have evolved from measures to targets to a new form of active management. Indexes are meant to be measuring sticks. They give us a sense of where mark

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Starting at the top of the list, look at the number of citations for each paper. It contains two elements: H is a data frame with h-index, g-index and m-index for each author; CitationList is a list with the bibliographic collection for each author. See Also convert2df to import and convert an WoS or SCOPUS Export file in a bibliographic data frame. The h-index of a publication is the largest number h such that at least h articles in that publication were cited at least h times each. For example, a publication with five articles cited by, respectively, 17, 9, 6, 3, and 2, has the h-index of 3. Nevertheless, this metric does overcome some of the limitations of the h index; for example, it may be beneficial to young scientists whose h index is typically low at the beginning of their careers.

18 Sep 2019 What's h-index? The h-index, is a scholarly metrics, which assesses both quantity (number of publications) and quality (number of citations to 

"A scientist has index h if h of his/her Np papers have at least h citations each, and the other (Np − h) papers  H(x) is the h-index for the past x years. Here, the h(x) of a scientist/department/etc . can be calculated using the exported excel file from a Web of Science citation  Normalized Citation Impact Score Calculation for Institutional Profiles.

Calculate your speed and pace from the distance and the duration! Distance + duration => speed + pace. Speed <=> Pace This app can be used to calculate the 

H index calculator

FFCV200 21. FFCV200 22. FFCV200 33. 29 aug. 2020 — Shannon-Weiner index (H) - This diversity measure came from information theory and measures the order (or disorder) observed within a  Ethereum Price Index — Köpa Ethereum (ETH)?

Description Usage Arguments Value See Also Examples. View source: R/Hindex.R. Description.
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H index calculator

Fantastiskt bibliotek med över 1 miljon stockbilder och videor. One of the world's best destinations for the 50 most beautiful landscape photos. Measuring  H-Index Calculator Scientists and scholars can measure the impact and relevance of their scientific output by calculating their h-index score.

8 Dec 2006 FYI: There is a useful online tool to calculator an individual scientist's H-index, using Google Scholar database. · The web site you mention is just  26 Aug 2020 Measuring Author Impact · h-Index (the most widely used).
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H index calculator

17 Jan 2021 An index of h means that your h most highly-cited articles have at least h citations each. H-Index Calculators & Researcher Profile Builders.

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reference weight corresponds to a body mass index (BmI) of 23 kg/m2; data based on actual heights of This is usually the case if the nutrient calculation H, Valsta L, Trolle E Nordic monitoring of diet, physical activity and overweight.

However, it’s difficult to compare fields and disciplines directly, so, really, a ‘good’ h-index is impossible to define.